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LPELC is my favourite, it has such a homely and fun vibe - and my kids love it! My youngest can be stubborn and generally hates to leave me. But he is always so happy to see his teachers and friends and excited to play. It is so much easier when I don’t have to worry all day


The staff at LPELC have always taken the time to get to know the kids and family. They have gone above and beyond to support my three daughters who have gone to the centre. They have shown special care and attention for my youngest who has many food allergies and intolerances. I’m so grateful to have the centre as part of our community


Our two-year-old son has been attending the centre for a year now, this centre is excellent. The staff and Director Kristy go above and beyond to provide a safe, educational and friendly environment. My son always comes home happy and has a wonderful experience each day he attends. I couldn't recommend this centre highly enough!


“Lalor Park Early Learning Centre is a great education service, with an amazing family feel. I am so happy to send my son there, he has achieved so, so much


Lalor Park Early Learning Centre is a fantastic centre. Our daughter Sophia loves to spend her days with the lovely ladies who look after her. After transitioning across from another centre at the beginning of the year, she is loving this centre and the amount that she is growing and developing constantly astounds us. We can't thank the ladies enough for everything they do for us even throughout these trying Covid times


My daughters love and have loved attending this small service. The team are great at supporting transitions into the service and making my girls feel at home with activities they really enjoy. And they just love spending time with all of the amazing friends they have made at LPELC


LPELC completely changed the way our son (and we) felt about daycare! He started at another provider at 10 months old and it never felt quite right. He never slept and was exhausted and miserable when we picked him up. At 18 months we moved him to LPELC and haven’t looked back! The homey environment they provide has meant a much happier toddler who now naps at daycare and enjoys his day - he’s all smiles when we pick him up. The outings to the park and local cafe are also fantastic for the kids. Though I’m sure it’s a lot of work for the educators who have to chase our little running man around!  We greatly appreciate the extra, individualised efforts the team put into our son. Thank you!


LPELC is like a second home for us, the Educators are always so loving and caring and go above and beyond for our son to make sure his needs are met, we cannot thank the girls enough for all they do for our family, being a smaller centre, you really feel part of the LPELC community

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