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LPELC’s Educational Program

Art and design: A range of materials and activities are provided to promote opportunities for children to express and represent their ideas.


Language, literature, and writing: Literacy is the ability to use language in all its forms. Learning experiences such as music, dance, storytelling, visual arts, drama, and digital media provide opportunities for children practice emerging language, literacy and writing skills.


STEM: Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM): A range of resources are provided, and learning is scaffolding encouraging children to experiment, investigate, design, and create, while applying practical and complex thinking skills in play.


Fundamental Movement: Fundamental movements encourage children to get their bodies moving. Experiences and provision focus on gross and fine motor co-ordination, balance, and strength.


Projects: Our educational program provides opportunities for children to investigate and research topics revisit learning and make meaningful community connections.


Socio Dramatic Play: Indoor and outdoor environments are designed to encourage interaction, inquiry, and learning dispositions such as imagination, creativity, and perseverance in collaborative play.


Group times, transitions, and routines: Large and small group times encourage children to calm their bodies and practice the application of concentration, turn taking, and receptive language. Predictable transitions foster children sense of agency and provide opportunities for children to make decisions that affect them.


Sustainability: Being environmentally responsible starts in the early years. Engaging children in sustainable practices promotes understandings and awareness of environmental impacts encouraging active work to reduce waste, minimise consumption, and protect wildlife and natural habitats.

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