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All-inclusive Services Provided

KinderM8 App

Our dedicated kinderM8 App keeps you updated on your child’s daily activities, meals, sleep times and provides an opportunity to message your child’s educator throughout the day.

Fortnightly Newsletter

Our fortnightly newsletter enables a clear and consistent level of communication with families ensuring aspirations, cultures, and expectations are shared. Effective communication is the forefront of inclusive practice. When educators and families work together, learning experiences become intentionally meaningful, and educational outcomes are maximized.

Extra-Curricular Weekly Sports Program

GrowFit is a specialised preschool sports program. The GrowFit instructor attends LPECL on a weekly basis.  Toddler and preschool ages are crucial developmental phases in the building of movement and physical skill. GrowFit supports our children in developing and building those skills through a series of creative physical activity sessions that encourage children to have a fun and healthy balanced lifestyle.

Bi-yearly learning assessments

Twice a year our educators provide a summative learning assessment based on your child’s development.  This provides you valuable information on how your child is developing and an opportunity to discuss their development with their educators.

Qualified and dedicated early childhood educators

Our team of qualified and dedicated early childhood educators have decades of experience between them and are constantly taking on further studies and professional development classes which benefit our children. This keeps our practices up to date and fresh with the latest early learning research as well as using our tried and tested methods.



Freshly cooked meals provided

All meals are planned and prepared freshly by our onsite cook. With a four-week rotating menu, our experienced cook caters for all dietary requirements based on seasonal produce and recommendations stipulated by NSW Health.


Incursions and excursions

One of the wonderful benefits of LPELC is that we are so close to our community village that we attend regular excursions.  We have six-seater prams to accommodate our younger children while our older children enjoy the adventure.  Our excursions take us to local gated parks, the local café for milkshakes and our library for story time.  We get to say hello to friends and neighbours along the way which reinforces our sense of community.


All-inclusive in fees:

  • Nappies
  • T-shirt.
  • Bed linen.
  • Hats
  • Water Bottles.

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